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Credits to @powerofspeech 🌷

To my dearest self, you’ve been stuggling on the days you are most uncomfortable, but still you survived anyway. I know that whatever your decision, you will stand firm. Just like before,  it will be really hard at first. I don’t know what is the main reason why I’m still lazy to compose my resignation letter. The days are coming nearer and nearer till my end of contract. Less than four months to go, and I don’t know what to really feel. I do wanted to go home. Yet, I do wanted to stay too. Ughhhh. I wanted to learn English more, but I’m still not gaining my motivation to study here. Pass IELTS, and Australia’s Nursing Bridging Program came to my mind, as I plan to go home this year. Another challenging career move. They all say I can do everything here in KSA, no need to file for exit now if I really wanted to pursue these. I will need an immense amount of dollars for applying to Australia. I don’t know if I can really focus on studying while I am here that’s why I wanted to go home, to think and reflect first before I step on another rocky path on my career. I found Miss Irma’s blog that was indeed helpful that inspired me to pursue career at Australia. I am amazed how she did everything from passing IELTS and registration for Bridging Program while still working as a nurse in KSA. While me in contrast, I will file for exit and will not renew my one year contract here. I know that I still lack on clinical experience, but I will try. I hope I will not regret that I leave KSA to soon with regards on my clinical experience. Huhu. Heartbreaking. Let’s just stop overthinking, self. Relax.

(Super thankful that I read your blog post!) 😘

This her site that I first visited. Hoping that I can get all these things done before I bid goodbye too, to my abaya x KSA. So, Help me, Father God. 

Breath.. Inhale, exhale. 





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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