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Hello? How’s your last weekend, friends?
Hope it’s been good. If it isn’t, there’s another weekend coming. Just hold on. 
While me on the other side of universe was still addicted with Korean dramas and BTS vlive clips and concert performances in Brazil. Recently, I’m watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, just today I started this, Radiant Office and Tomorrow with You. ✌🏼 

These helped me not to overthink too much and browse my social media apps. It’s been my 20th day of social media disconnection, though honestly I have browse for 5-10 seconds on my Facebook twice, just I saw my number of notifications and friend requests, but I didn’t opened those two, then I closed immediately. 

Finally, today’s morning shift duty was benign. Two of my old patients went for discharge, and my old patient before was readmitted again even though it’s just less than 24 hours since she was discharged due to same complain again with still the same room. Meh. We received seventeen patients, total discharge was seven, had one admission, and one trans-out to Delivery Room. Six staff on duty. Thank God, no pullout and absent. 
I’m a bit sleepy now. Let’s not overthink and worry too much for tomorrow or what’s ahead of us. Pray, pray, pray for whatever that is meant to be, it will be done by God’s grace and mercy.
Goodnight, everyone!





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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