337 – Teary day

Yesterday, I’m just planning in my head. Having decisions by myself. Talking to my dad about what I want to do. Although I slept late, and did not follow the time I supposed to wake up.. I felt blessed. I woke up to feed myself with the Word of God. In fact, I’ve been lazy for two days to feed my spiritual soul. Therefore I say, I was lost for a short-while and I am found! Hehe! 🙂 I submitted all my plans to God today. I knew He helped me all throughout!
We went for Sophia’s pediatrician for her check-up because she has difficulty of swallowing, thank God it’s not a serious problem to worry but I hope my niece get well soon! 🙂 After Sophia’s check-up, I told my dad to ask the pediatrician if she knew hospital that is good for training nurses, and she gave me information that helped me a lot. I was very teary-eyed when she prayed over me before we left her clinic.
Not even studying or preparing well, only my faithful heart, I conquered the interview with the chief nurse!!!! I’m very nervous and teary-eyed again during the interview! Then, she gave me an exam which is 80 items about nursing. When I finished the exam for 45 minutes, I submitted it to the chief nurse, and she told me to sit down and attend the orientation. I’m uncertain that time if I pass their screening already, but I just listened and ate their prepared snack for us. After that orientation, I got shocked! Another exam again!!!!! Difficult exam, because of computations, drug names and classification, mission and vision of the hospital, medical staff names, hospital policies and etc!!!! I submitted the exam as fast as I can even though I have no answer for some parts! Haha! 🙂 so stressful! But I’m happy for my rotation this Wednesday! 🙂

All for God!!!! I trust in you, 100%! Thank you very much! I love you! ❤

All the universe had helped me to achieve what success I have today! Thank you, Father God! ❤



Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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