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Thank you Lord for this day!

I woke up late because I’m lazy to go to school, I tried to move faster as I could, and half-way I made it to went out the house before 8AM. My friend texted me that the LRT was not operating early in the morning, that’s why I texted my other friend if where they were. Luckily, Kristel called me that I can go with them to school. God’s given angel for me today! Got a free and smooth ride going to school! Hoho.
I wanted to have early dismissal today, and it did exaggeratedly! Due to the news that we have no lecturer for the review. We just watched Pitch Perfect at the Auditorium. I didn’t want to go home early at 11am, so me and my other 2 friends stayed at school until 3:30 PM. We played and talked and etc. Around 3:30, we rode the jeep then I went down at PSBA to meet my bff! ;))
Baby Sophie’s pre-celebration of her 1st birthday was a success! I’m happy and tired.
Really, I am thankful for today! Like it was went all very well! Thank you, Father God!

Goodnight!!! >:D<




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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