Ola! 😉

How are you?

Don’t exactly know what I should be feeling right now. The cold breeze outside makes me wanna sleep soundly. But, I need to focus and give my very best shot on studying for my Competency Appraisal 2 long exam for tomorrow. I gotta ace it! Nothing to fear or worry, coz God is with me, baby! Oh. Yeah! I need to work it out now. No more delays, distraction, and etc.

Oh! I just wanted to share these two guys that I saw today before this day ends: 1.) A nice guy eating alone at our school cafeteria with his well-prepared and healthy meal inside his food container. He prayed genuinely before eating his food as if there was no one out there seeing him. And I was like, Aww. Such an angel in-disguise! Such a very good thing too, to also saw him greet the canteen’s staffs accordingly with his bright smile. Aww. Really, he was so cute and fragile to handle! Hope I could see him often at school to see his other kindle activities, friends, and etc. hoho!; 2.) When I rode a jeep that was almost full, I still find a seat for my butt, and then I saw a guy in front of me holding the same bag like mine. And it was awkward. As much as I would want to laugh or exchange seats, I just tried to sleep. Haha!

I am really hoping that I could ace my exam tomorrow! Sleeping pattern altered again for tonight! Sacrifice. Perseverance. Faith. I can surpass!
Also hoping that my uncle will recover sooner from his illness so he could normally go back at home and do his daily activities. 🙂

Very grateful and bloated day!
CHN research defense, done! Final revision and submission, tomorrow! 😀

God bless us all, always!
Goodnight, beautiful ones!




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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