Nursing Journal on Preventing Falls in the Elderly Long Term Care Facilities

By McCarthy, R. et.al, 2009


One of the vital roles of a nurse is to promote safety not only to their clients but also with themselves. This journal article was indeed, a reality all over the world which an elderly will possibly die because of fall-related injuries that once they had a fracture that may lead them to immobility and dependence, and then, they will eventually passed away. Just like in the case of Nanay L who had a saddened transitional effect, resulting from a fracture to death. As a student nurse, we have a significant role to make a change towards promoting safety provided by our compassionate, holistic and quality services that we may offer to elderly clients at Kanlungan ni Maria during our related learning exposure, and to our family. As long as there’s an opportunity to learn, like in this article that enriched more my knowledge regarding elderly care, I will use this, and I can apply this effectively on my chosen profession confidently and carefully to reduce the incidence of fall among older clients, by intervening with fall prevention and safety measures to the health care team.

Reference – Journal Article Link: http://www.rnjournal.com/journal_of_nursing/preventing_falls_in_the_elderly_long_term_care_facilities.htm


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