I never knew what should I feel right at this moment while I am typing this blogpost. The wind blows my hair back and forth. I am standing in front of the platform while I wait for the next train to Anonas station. There’s a technical difficulty in Katipunan Station, so I can’t go down there. I must hide this phone now, for safety reasons, but I can’t help myself to talk and to express random emotions and moments on this blog. I have no physical companion today going home. Solitude mode 😉

I didn’t continue typing this post when I’m on the train because some people might read visibly what I’m typing and I’m conscious of it. Hence, I am scared of losing my phone by my negligence.

Due to my heavy feelings and laziness this day, I treated myself with a sundae hot fudge! 😉 I watched TV, ate a lot, addicted at posting and liking photos on Instagram. Let me post some of my collection of photos, my simplejoys.

Thank you God for this day! 😉
I was able to finish our pathophysiology of Hepatic abscess.
God bless in our duty again tomorrow!
Needs to be early again, must not come late! 😉

Take care and goodnight people!

Keep smiling!




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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