Hi there!
First Saturday of August 😉

I’m riding in the train from Legarda, standing beside the door, in front of me is a guy, cute guy but I am afraid of staring at him while typing this blog post for today. I know that I must look at him but I’m shy to get caught by his chinky eyes. I don’t know where’s station he will leave me, I don’t know if he has a girlfriend already, and I don’t know if he’s interested to look at me. Maybe if he leaves before me, I’ll look at him for the last time. I can’t resist my desire to look at him, when we arrived at the Cubao station, I sat down, and I am assuming he look at me. There’s a guy that had replaced my position where I stood up. I can’t see him, I wonder what station he will go down. I bought a LRT card that will go down at Santolan, I’m waiting for my dad’s text to fetch me there at Santolan but I didn’t receive a text from him so I decided to go down at the Katipunan Station. I left first before the mysterious cute guy, he was from Santolan, maybe we could see each other next time. I hope we can remember each other’s face if we ever meet again.

Saturday is a fun day for me and with my sister. We did shower together like we were doing before. I missed my sister a lot. I love her even if she’s not that showy in terms of missing me as much as I do miss her! HAHAHA! 🙂
My family altogether watched TV tonight, we watched Maalaala mo kaya show that was about a story that an elderly chose to live with his dog. I wasn’t able to finish the story because my father changed the channel to watch an olympic boxing game between Philippines and from other country. Unluckily, it was from the other country that won in the game. My father is really a big fan of sports! such a cute dad ever! 🙂
I was able to talk with my mom too, and I also bonded with baby Sophia! She was so cute in showing us her tongue! such a cute baby indeed! 🙂


Rainy Saturday, today = Fun, Family, YFC, God ♥
Thank you Father God, my Bestfriend and my Savior! A true man is Christ-like (I read a blog post from Yeng Constantino about a true man).


Lovely day that I’ve conquered! 😀


Now, I need to upload the video of baby Sophia online in order for my mom to watch it, to make her happy also. HAHA! 🙂
And, I need to start doing my compentency appraisal – Pregnancy induced hypertension worksheet now.


Ciao! 🙂


Goodnight friends! :>




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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