Random ramblings once again before I start my nursing process paper works that is due tomorrow 🙂

  • I really want to help people by donating blood because I perceive I am healthy with my age and body right now.
  • I want to wake up one morning that my unexpected wart in my right palm will be gone forever.
  • Even if I don’t want to be like a real lady going on 20 soon, I need to be quite conscious towards taking care of my body, hygienic purposes and the like. No vanity, but being just presentable and neat as I can be.
  • Needs creativity, focus and time management.
  • Self-confidence must boost.
  • Extending helping hands, mind, heart and soul.
  • Volunteer as long as I could because I want to give service to our community.
  • Badly needs to save money.
  • Improve my sincere heart, myself more.
  • Detaching myself in net addiction or I must say, social media addiction.
  • Prioritize things is a must and a shall! HAHAHA! 🙂 like fixing my insurance, organizing books and files, doing a reviewer, advance reading, driving lessons, joining in Red Cross, visiting my grandmother as often as possible, cleaning our room and our closet, and etc.

Sudden desire to blog about these things.

That’s on my mind.









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