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Happy 1st of July!
Celebrating this day, blissfully!
The Homily was about trusting and having a strong faith with God through trials, sickness and death.
Though I didn’t heard well the Liturgy of the Word part, I’m thankful that I celebrated mass even though my dad and sister didn’t come with me.

Today is the graduation day of my brother in finishing a culinary course at MOST. As a family, we need to attend and celebrate that event but unfortunately, we’re at home. It’s heartbreaking because my brother and dad have conflicts. Why does it supposed to happen today? Hmmnn.. No idea… I’m a little bit sad but we need to move on. Looking in the brighter side of life, continuing my prayers for my family and for all the families to be more stronger and understanding. I will be more faithful instead. I love my family so much, and I wish them absolutely well.

I am a warrior, and I need to fight massive temptations and negativity that comes my way. I need to study really hard and trust you harder πŸ˜‰ I have an upcoming major major exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, quizzes on Thursday and exams again on Friday.
I don’t know if I can post or not on the succeeding days, maybe yes or no and I don’t really know! Haha! I need to train myself from now on, reducing-to-abstaining use of internet. I badly need time management and focus.

Pray with me friends! πŸ˜‰

Let’s continue praying and gratifying Him ;”>

Study mode here, eye bags later, energy please. Leggo! ;D

Take care and Goodnight!




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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