First day of school year 2012-2013!
Hollaaaa! 😊
Almost 6-7 hours sitting to listen and to jot down notes for NCM106 – Acute Biologic Crisis (ABC) lecture discussed by Ma’am Custodio. A very great start because we have our great professor to teach us superb well! 😍 I admired how she teach us because she knew every bits of information by heart and soul! I never got bored listening to her even though my hands got tired of writing. We will have a quiz tomorrow so I need to review now. Sleeping late is a must again because I need to have a surely satisfying passed score in my quiz. Our quizzes need to be seriously reviewed just like we are having a long exam.

There’s a part of me that I enjoyed my newly re-shuffled section because I am with my newly group of friends now, Marissa, Jorhene and Hannah. Since I’ve known them for 2 years because they were my classmates before, it’s easy to adapt with them! 😃 Though there’s also a part of me that I miss somebody ;)) HAHA! And I don’t even know if she misses me too. So nevermind, Haha! Embrace change, Move on 😉😘

It’s my last school year, and I’ve never been voted as to be an officer in every class, every year that I’ve attended. Joke! The last time that I’ve been an officer was in my gradeschool and highschool years wayback. Well, that was just a fact to share since we had our class nomination for class officers awhile ago 😃 Yey! no stress at all for me about that. Then now, I must be more focused with my studies! Hahaha!


God bless in our studies, careers and to all aspects, my brothers and sisters!

I shall review now! Thank you Father God! Love you always! 😊





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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