I love volunteer works! 🙂

Volunteering not only for free foods, certificates but for the awesome learning experiences.

You know, I really love to learn! ❤

Therefore, I love learning through volunteer works even if its tiring at all but it’s worth-it after all.


Mega Tule 2012 at Sta. Elena Elementary School Gym, Marikina City made my day!

A Mass circumcision project of Marikina City!

I hope it will mark on the Guinness book of world record!

I did not regret ever for volunteering myself for one day! 🙂

My mind was a bit focused and my problems didn’t pop at all in my mind during my volunteer hours.

Thank you Marissa and Karen! Both of you have impacted my life in a good special way, indeed!

Karen, Nikki, Jara, Elisse, Gerald and I were assigned to assist in the room of Baranggay Concepcion Uno.


At first, I prepared local anesthetic injections, Lidocaine.

Get a 5 cc syringe ->aspirate 3 cc of air -> inject 3 cc of air in the vial -> get 3 cc of Lidocaine -> remove the bubbles in the syringe -> check if its 3cc -> and another cycle again. I don’t know exactly how many Lidocaine preparations I made. All I know was, my right thumb hurts until now because of this. I feel like an expert even if I still have a clumsy side most especially when I suddenly pour a Betadine Solution in the syringes I’ve prepared. Hohoho!

Second, I acted like I was a manager in-charge in the room because I am in-charge in all the equipment/ materials needed by the doctor, junior interns, student nurses and all 🙂

The materials that I handle on were the following: clean gloves, cotton balls, gauze, Betadine Solution, Lidocaine Solution, Alcohol, micropore tape, sterile drape + cotton balls + gauze pad set, sterile gloves, sutures, syringes and needles.

There was a kind woman there who asked for my name and assigned me to be in-charge to all of these, and she called me by my name, Joy 🙂 hihihi just a simple joy, a little kind of appreciation and recognition.

Third, I was called from my assigned task to assist the guy whom I thought was a bystander because of his outward appearance, casual wear with a body bag across his body. He was also asked from what school he was, he didn’t wear a uniform unlike the other medicine students there.

I was focused in assisting while his friend on his side kept on talking to me about my school.

The good thing was that two men have a caring attitude, I must say because of giving me water and food and asking me to take a break, to eat, Hohoho, It’s awkward and funny but I like how kind, approachable and joker they were.

I basically learned how to circumcise, Clean the site ->Inject anesthesia ->Put clamps -> Cut -> Suture -> Clean the site -> Apply dressing -> Clean the site -> Health Teachings

Lastly, I finally got a chance to suture 🙂 almost to circumcise a pre-adolescent boy.

A total of overall mega learning experiences \mm/


I love my course, Nursing ❤


I love my day!


Ate a yummy hamburger for meryenda, Thanks Mother! :*


Very well spent day! 🙂


Thank you Almighty father God ❤


Have a joyful Saturday night! :”>








Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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