Hi! 🙂
It’s Black Saturday.
Should I feel sad today?
Black as dark, lonely and dull color.
In contrary, I’m not.

Sorry my Dear Savior, Jesus Christ.
I failed to do station of the cross with my sister again.
I know were super-late for this one but I am still really eager to do it.
I have this spiritual guilty thougths and feelings right now.
Though my day went well 🙂
Because God is still pouring wonderful miracles in my life 🙂

Simple joys,
Simple acts.
Simple thoughts,
Simple rewards.

I had a long, good sleep even though it’s hot in our room.
I watched a family-inspired film that stresses the value of forgiving, having a strong faith, hoping and loving.
I cried a pile of tears again.
I even tried crying in front of the mirror. Testing if I have this drama-acting skill, and I think I have what it takes. Haha! 😉
I liked the fact that my dad is a music enthusiast. Those big speakers that he had is such a cool thing for his age. Our house became as much lively as it may seems with music to saved the day. 🙂
I went to Symba’s house and then we went to Marian memorial chapels nearby to visit the wake of Iya’s grandfather. I have this fear of not looking to the person inside a coffin because I have wide imaginations that could scare me a lot. I’m sorry for not peeking. :/ Before we go, we offered a prayer to him 🙂
This day is my first time going to Iya’s house and meeting unexpectedly his boyfriend 🙂
I love how we bonded with each other, talking about Iya and Symba 🙂
People that genuinely touched my whole being.

By the way, I enjoy reading the part three of The You Code.
I will finish it later 🙂


God bless!

Happy Easter greetings ahead!



Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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