Faith can move pillars and buildings apart

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“Samson and Delilah”


          All is well as the movie started and finished. Directed by a woman behind every scene is Cecil DeMille in making a combination genre all-in-one with an action, adventure, drama, history, romance and some quite inspirational in the film. A biblical story wherein mainly casted by Victor Mature as Samson and Hedy Lamarr as Delilah was adopted from the Book of Judges and played part in the big screen in the year 1949. A magnificent power and strength instilled in Samson whom his great force comes from his hair, he loved but he was betrayed by a very witty and purely seductive Delilah.

The roles played by the title characters were fit on both of their physical appearance and unique qualities that brought more impact and emotions while watching the film. Some settings are slightly realistic because it enhances our visualization on the past era but the special effects were not really enthusiastic due to undeveloped matters. The music and language were classical. Those costumes used were both pleasing and intriguing. Delilah doesn’t resemble a conservative and holistic women image that I know. All of the woman’s description was pure and modest in the Bible but in regards to DeMille’s work she used an indeed seductive image reflecting Hedy’s actions to attack directly men’s desire as she says “No man leaves Delilah”. There were scenes that were not very vital to be lengthy in duration that boredom stroked out and DeMille did not emphasized much a significant part in the movie that brought to us unclear, open-ended conceptions and prejudice. Without going into details and spoilers, “Samson and Delilah” had a very clear message that sometimes there were different tests and obstacles that you need to face and conquer too, that you must stand up and hold on tight with your faith to God no matter how small or immense it will be. People are people. We are easily blinded and deceived from what we see outside, we failed and we repeatedly committed sins.

Waiting until the movie ended is worth-it. I appreciated those last scenes when Victor seeks help with God though he was really sinful and weary. Hence, Victor is a victorious man in gaining back his strength with God. I can honestly say that faith can move pillars and buildings apart just from this epic movie I saw. A powerful, magical force that can save human is our faith. No matter how we fail to do God’s plan for us, He will still accept us and He will never fail us because He love us, truly. DeMille’s masterpiece, Samson and Delilah was like a wheel with ups and downs. The relevance of the movie that was slight creatively made and plot story adopted from the Bible is for us people to strengthen more our relationship with our Lord God, to fully feed all our spiritual necessities in life instead of committing to negative and impure thoughts, intentions, words and actions towards people and all His creations.

END! Thank you for Reading! 🙂

This was submitted to Sister Macalino in March 8, 2012 🙂

I just feel to post it here even though I don’t really know how to critique well a film.

Hihi 🙂 Kindly understand my post friends! 🙂



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