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I miss my grandmothers! ♥

I’m really grateful that they are still alive on both my father and mother side.

I’m guilty also that sometimes I have no time for them.

I’m a “Lola’s girl” my heart seems to be so soft to elderly and children.

Today, we went at the home for the aged at Antipolo City!

I’m thankful for my Elective- Spiritual Nursing group mates, indeed!

We pursued our plan going there to have our interview regarding their spirituality.

It was a lovely and safe place for the elderly.


Having a back thoughts in my mind,

I knew that time runs so fast that my parents will be the elderly ones sooner.

I will never leave them behind or take them for granted. Never.

Although my brother and sister was getting angry and fighting with my parents, I will never do that.

I’m practicing and striving to be more patient, obedient and compassionate with them.

I love them so much that I will never send them to nursing care homes while other people will take care of them instead of us, their children.

It’s so sad and it breaks my heart that there were really people who can bear to take for granted their elderly parents.

Our parents had loved us and made a uniquest sacrificial above all when they were still strong and healthy.

When we need them, they were there for us 24/7 but when they need us, we tend to be busy, snob and have all the million reasons not to go to them.

Starting today, not tomorrow or next week. Today, treasure every seconds with your most lovable parents!

Time is essential with your loved ones.

Love them with no regrets! ♥


Just a sharing,

My grandmother in my mother side was closest to my heart.

She took care of me when I was a baby until my toddler years when my parents are working abroad.

My Lola Belen would never had an unending stories about me on how she loved and cared for me.

She missed those times that I was with her all the time wherever she goes.

I am guilty that I never had so much time spent with her now in comparison before because I have no time and sometimes I’m lazy. A fact.

But I am striving to become better everyday.

I will strive to visit my grandmother 2-3 times a week before I go home.

I can do this! :* Summer vacation is fast approaching! 😀



Extra little thing that made me think and act crazy was greeting a stranger that I knew.

I met my 2nd cousin when I was in Bahay Kanlungan.

I remembered her face but not her name.

I was a bit confused if she was my cousin.

I really knew her. HAHAHA =)


So, wrapping up!

I want to have a balance in my life whatever aspects it will be.

  • Balanced and Harmonious relationships.
  • Balanced and Successful careers.
  • Balanced and Awesome Life.


I am trusting Him 100%! God’s plan for me.


I appreciated Spiritual Nursing ♥


I need to be productive today!

  • Must finish my Film critique of Samson and Delilah movie.
  • Must finish my Spiritual Assessment worksheets.
  • Must be prepared for tomorrow.

No to sleeping and laziness!


Go meeee! 🙂


Motivated and Blessed!


Thank you Father God! ♥


Spread love and happiness everyone!


Good evening and Good night!


Love, A-Me





Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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