Do you know how powerful your words are?

Motivated and encouraged someone.

Just a simple kind of appreciation can make your mood changed into a euphoric state.

How I love this grateful feeling! 🙂


These past few days I’ve been very glad on my roller coaster like happenings and events in my life.

Words are not enough to express my overflowing happiness.


Happy Monday! pressing down 🙂

  • Even though I have muscle pain in both of my lower extremities due to extreme walking and walking, I went to SOPHIE Shop at Legarda and MORAYTA area but still they don’t even have the stock of magic blush-on and lipstick. Thank God! my customers or should II say, my classmates are going to wait for that blush on and lipstick 🙂 Yehey!
  • Passed our Nursing Research Outputs! I really hope that our Zo-ah professor will check our outputs, please.
  • Did not reviewed well about Spiritual Nursing 1st quiz. So, 10 item quiz equals failed. I will review well for our next quiz!
  • Lecture day again, Spiritual Nursing On.
  • Computed our results on our worksheet#1. I got a total of 91.  After computing our total scores, What’s the real meaning of  this stuff then?
  • Ate Kunchinta for snack.
  • Photocopied worksheets.
  • Dismissed class a little bit late.
  • Rode LRT2 with Marissa, Mharz and Nicole.
  • Went to St. Clare, Bought sampaguita, Prayed sincerely, Wrote my petitions, lighted a candle and prayed again ❤
  • Went home after.
  • Took care of Baby Sophia.
  • Ate spaghetti for our late dinner!
  • Clicked and Saw a lot of photos in Facebook of my friends.
  • Blogging still.
  • Will try to study later. #NCM105
  • Will do my bedtime self-beauty rituals.
  • Will sleep late again.
  • 10 am research class tomorrow! 🙂
  • Will borrow Videbeck book tomorrow! 🙂
  • Will have a good dreams later.




Take care everyone!


Spread positive and good energies everywhere!












Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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