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Today I do nothing special.
I felt so bad again.
I didn’t attend Sunday mass.
How come does my eagerness to go to church every week reduces as day pass by.
I’m sorry Lord God.
Disobeying your commandment number three. 😦

I already finished watching Julia and Julie.
As what I had expected on the ending part resulted to be real.
The story was quite predictable to be on a happy ending.
Well balanced, successful lives.
I had watched two movies today.
There was a common denominator between them.
It’s being a writer.
I feel that there is really a inexplicable connection on what I had been doing since then.
I am here because I’m a writer.
Pursuing my personal legend to become a true writer in the future.
My passion in writing and bligging.

I had challenged myself actually,
That one of my New Year’s Resolutoin for 2012 is to blog anything under the sun everyday.
Or just to have an 366 blog entries or more for one year!
I have no categories yet.
Because I’m confused.
I have so many interests and likes.
I would love to have a chance to have more time looking for myself.
Sometimes I thought that I’ve been lost in this universe.
I don’t know exactly what to do.
But then I just kept on covering up myself and tried pretending everything is absolutely fine that was definitely not at all.

I am having realizations in life.
Forgetting every negative thing that had happened.
Forgetting all the thoughts and concerns to those people that you have hurt and vice versa like a cycle.
Forgetting about the past.
Stepping forward to the future instead.
Looking on the brighter side of the day.

I am thinking that one day,
My blogs will be known.
Remained as a top secret,
Yet will boomed like a millionaire.

Drowsiness really strikes me now.
I am about to conquer this fight!
I am about to finish my blog entry for today.

For the recap, I enjoyed my Sunday morning at my best friend’s house.
I slept well and had a weird dream.
I went home.
I had 2 naps.
I ate delicious chicken and corned beef.
We got visitors, the relative of my sister-in-law.
I watched a korean movie, friendship, before I sleep.
I finished all the reports for our Philippine History class.
I didn’t read a book again.

I’m sorry I’m a bit late in posting this.
I slept!
Just woke up at 5:30 am.
One day to go and it’s Valentine’s day already for others but to me its just a tuesday! Haha!

Good vibes people!




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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