Page 17 of 366 🙂
late post 🙂
My day went well!
I love spending my time with my sister-in-law’s baby 🙂
so cute 😀

I and my best friend bought new sim card.
We bonded, talked, laughed and comforted to each other.
To my best friend, I know that moving on is really hard. But in time, you will realize that he is not really worth-it. I’m always here for you! And most especially God is always at you side.

Being nice gets you nowhere.
People tends to abuse nice people.
So definitely, be nice only to nice people.
But t only applicable in some situations.

Be kind to everyone.
But not to everybody.
Set limits.

Whenever people try to let you down.
Don’t be sad, discouraged and revengeful.

Just be simply awesome.
Because in the first place you are the winner.
God is always with you 🙂
Stand up, face your problem and have faith!
Thank you God!



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