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Funny day! I enjoyed doing stuffs in school.
I claimed the role of the leader in our group.
I was a bit bossy but nice.
I remembered the book that I’ve been reading..”Being nice gets you to nowhere”
Slightly true and false, right? applicable in some situations! 🙂
We need to have a disciplined, systematic and most especially, teamwork.
We have a deadlines to meet!
I already listed them on my planner!

So today, I’m happy! I laughed hard and it was lke I already felt an abs forming in my abdomen! HAHAHA! Thank you for the “sabaw” moments because of so many things to do.

Our class picture went well! 🙂 I thought that I will come late and won’t able to join our class picture but God is so great that He really loves me. I was not late! Actually, we waited for 30 minutes for our turn in class picture. I was hoping that I look more beautiful there in the picture because I wore make-up! Credits to my lovely sister 🙂

Thank you God for this day!

I know I am really getting better!

I need to focus now on my studies! I need to review and understand all the topics about communicable diseases and psyche 🙂

I need to have higher grades for NCM 104 and 105 and to all my subjects this semester. I want to be included again in the honor’s list! 🙂 Help me Father God 🙂

I knew my grade in EENT concept and it was 3.5. I failed.

Failures make me strive more and more to have successful outcomes.

I can do this! 😀

Thank you Dear God, Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love you ❤

Goodnight everyone!




Deals with everything about life. Moving towards God's graciousness. A registered nurse with immense dreams and strong faith.

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