Part of the Introduction

24 Dec

Hi, let me never be confounded.
I’m very unpredictable but friendly so don’t you ever worry.

Holiday Season already!

I’ve got the guts to re-open myself into this world again. I used to be great, always great at the beginning only.

I like simplicity so plain text at all for now.

I already begun my personal legend then suddenly I stop for awhile then came back again. What a world like merry-go-round and round.

Probably, this post will not make sense at all. But for me, this is my starting point. A very essential point in my life.

I will put my awesome-est identity hidden/unknown/anonymous as possible in public. The rationale is…. my secret for now.

I’m a student. I’m spending my last teenage year as a young girl with childish random acts. I’m starting to read as many books/blogs/articles as I can. I want to be a writer, traveler, photographer, teacher, nurse, doctor, environmentalist, cook, baker, choir member, dancer, missionary and all. Meaning, I want to live my life to the fullest! 100%, doing the things I love with enthusiasm and compassion.

I want to inspire, motivate, educate and bless my community.

I know my faith and passion can bring me to the wonderful places I never expected to be. I have plenty of dreams and goals in life. Let my fire of eagerness and willingness bursts more so I can fight all my laziness, insecurities, and every negativities I have.

I got problems about my family and myself. Still, I hold on to God strongly and I lift all my problems, worries, doubts and fears to Him. Then I feel grateful for everyday coz I stand still with my Almighty Father, God 😉

I don’t know how to informally end my post, hahaha! I made it this long for an introduction. Deep inside of me, I’m reaaaaaalllllyyyyyyy Happy today! Teeeheeee 😉

Happy Holidays! Yeaaaaah!



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